What are the 5 best finance web design inspirations?

Pensive male student pondering on 5 best finance web design inspirations

Whether you’re taking your finance services online, or think your web design is in need of a touch up, you’ll want to build a website which is inviting, engaging and captivating. This is because you want traffic to your site to stay on for as long as possible: you roughly have 15 seconds to grab the interest of your site users. 

By keeping people on your site, they’re more likely to want to explore other sections of your website. Building a site with a strong landing page is key in drawing people to your website. However, other pages of your site must be similarly visually appealing, easy to use and informational. If you’re not sure how to build a website with a stunning web design for your financial services, we’ve put together some of the best web designs for you to take inspiration from.

1. Keep your web design simple

webpage showing glass on white background
source: Reinventure Capital

Less is more when it comes to web designs, especially if you own a financial business. Keeping your web design simple adds to your professional image, and it helps focus the site visitor on your brand, instead of them being distracted with bold fonts and garish colour schemes. A minimalist web design looks sleek and sophisticated – even without reading anything about your business, a site user is more likely to think your services are highly professional if you have an attractive, yet understated, web design. 

2. Make your web design personal 

personal website showing man on computer working in finance
source: Johnson Financial Group

OK – so we don’t mean plaster your face all over your website. However, what we do mean is that you should add a personal element to at least one part of your web design. Perhaps you use an image of people who have benefited from using your services: by showing a relatable image, you’re already on your way to create an emotional connection with a potential customer.

Or, maybe you post a picture of your team who work with you in your financial business to add a face behind your business to create a friendly, open persona. 

3. Use comedy 

Website header showing climbing through small hoop
source: Moula 

Although you might think adding in some humour to your web design makes your website seem unprofessional, if done correctly, it can actually have the opposite effect. Subtle humour is a great way to engage interest, especially in a financial business. Indeed, Compare the Market used humour to strengthen its brand in the form of a meerkat: the success of this campaign can still be seen today.

Design consultant, Espen Brunborg, stresses the importance of humour in a website when the landscape across these sites tends to look similar: you can set your brand apart from other businesses in a memorable and unique way. When building your site, using puns, humorous images, or taglines with a double meaning can help you add in a bit of humour, showing your financial business is focused on user experience as much as providing a quality service. 

4. Stick to a consistent colour scheme 

Online payments website header on blue background
source: Stripe

When building your site, don’t get distracted by all the different colour schemes you can choose from. Your web design should remain consistent across all pages, which is why it’s important to keep your colour scheme consistent throughout your site. 

This helps build the image of your brand, as colours can actually become identified with a certain brand after time. For example, blue is synonymous with Facebook and Twitter, red and white brings images of Youtube to mind, and green relates to Spotify. Keep your colour scheme constant when building your website to create a memorable brand for your financial business. 

5. Make sure your website is easy to navigate

Product navigation boxes on finance website
source: CUA

From looking at this web design, it’s easy to see where to go if you want to find out more about the different sectors this financial business offers. No site user wants to spend unnecessary minutes clicking around your website, trying to find what they’re looking for – label your different pages clearly so the site visitor can navigate through your site within a matter of seconds. How you choose to display this is completely up to you – whether you go for a listed format, or separate your different site sections into boxes, make sure it’s easy to read and clear. Why not have a look at our blog on the importance of navigation to give you some ideas?

When you’re building your site, you’ll want to choose a web design which is personal to you, without needing endless hours of your time to work on it. Go Sitebuilder offers ready to go web designs which are completely customisable, giving you the freedom to design your website in the way that you want to. Our free 14-day trial lets you build your dream website in a matter of a few clicks – try it today!

How can I grow my accounting firm?

Black manager holding pen make notes on textbook using pc to brainstorm how he can grow his accounting firm

If you own an accounting firm and want to boost your growth then the internet can be your virtual gold mine. The rise of technology has enabled large and small businesses alike to expand their clientele online, resulting in a larger customer base – and increased revenue. As an accountant, the internet offers endless opportunities for you to grow your accounting firm – you just need to know where to start. 

Of course, if you’re planning on expanding your online presence, you’ll need a website to advertise your accounting firm. Unless you’re a coding expert, using a website builder is the quickest and easiest way to build your own site. This enables you to concentrate all your energy in working to ensure your accounting firm is a success!

Have a strong website design 

When building your site for your accounting firm, thoroughly considering what you want your website design to look like should be an important part of your strategy. According to a study conducted by Adobe, two-thirds of site users would rather read something beautifully designed, as opposed to something plain. 

Consider your target audience: as an accountancy firm, you won’t be expected to have a website design filled with colour and animation. However, a professional web design doesn’t have to look boring: select a sleek colour theme with a contemporary edge to create an eye-catching design that makes visitors to your site want to explore everything you have to offer. 

When building your site, you must make sure that you have a responsive website – this means it must be accessible from any device, without losing the aesthetic of your website design. Look for a website builder that allows site users to view your site from mobile, tablet or desktop: Go Sitebuilder includes this as part of our package, so that you can make edits and update your site anywhere, at any time. 

Concentrate on your marketing strategy 

Gone are the days when spending thousands of pounds on billboards or TV adverts was the only way to successfully advertise your business. Social media is an invaluable marketing tool, as it lets you get creative, adding a personal touch to your accounting firm. According to AccountingToday, what distinguishes high-growth accounting firms from low-growth firms is that they spend nearly 42% more on digital marketing.

Working on improving your social media platform and SEO strategy is a great way to increase visibility and drive traffic to your website. Social media also helps keep existing customers engaged with your services – considering that 25% to 40% of new business generated by the top accounting firms comes from cross-selling to existing clients, you shouldn’t ignore the clients you’ve already gained. 

Encouraging site users to follow your social media accounts or sign up to your emailing list acts as a reminder of just how your accountancy firm can help them, and also helps to build more of a relationship between company and client. When building your website, make sure you add in links to your social media sites on your main pages to ensure your accounts are easy to find and follow. 

Offer free high value content

According to the 2019 Marketing Budget Benchmark Study, the highest-growing accountancy firms spend 6 times more on educational services – such as webinars or blogs – than lower-performing firms and, as a result, grew 10 times faster. By offering free content for your clients or potential clients, you’re showing them that you care about providing them with a premium service and that, as a financial adviser, you have all the necessary knowledge in the accountancy sector.

When selecting a website builder, make sure their blogging platform is simple and easy to use – not only do blogs allow you to share helpful bits of knowledge which site users can share, but they’re also a vital part of a strong SEO strategy. 

Google likes high value content, which is why writing blogs which answer commonly asked questions and include popular keywords can dramatically improve your ranking on Google’s search engine page results. If Google trawls your accountancy firm website and sees your content is of high quality, you’re more likely to rank highly, drawing in more traffic to your site. 

To fully concentrate your efforts into growing your accounting firm, you’ll need a website builder which offers ready to go website designs and easy-to-use software. Go Sitebuilder includes everything you could need to build your own high quality website with a professional finish at an incredibly affordable price. Our 14-day free trial means you can start growing your accounting firm today, without any restrictions!

What should be considered when designing a financial website?

small business owner looking at laptop designing her of a financial website on Go Sitebuilder

A financial website may seem more challenging than websites for other, more creative industries. This is because you need to balance style with stability, and show authority in your field while still being approachable. Sound daunting? Don’t worry, we’ve put together some ideas that will help you design the best financial website for your company! 

Colour theme

A good colour theme is paramount when designing your financial website. Often, website builders will have built-in colour palettes that you can use, which makes life easier because you already know that these colours will complement each other. However, even though a pink-and-yellow colour theme might be a good idea for an events website or a clothing brand, it might not evoke the right response from your target audience.

The most common colour scheme for a financial website is blue and white. To stand out from the crowd while maintaining a refined and modern look, a monochrome colour scheme is also a good design choice, but make sure it isn’t dull by adding high quality images, or even adding a pop of colour in the navigation bar or logo. 

Blue indicates serenity and security, whereas black offers more authority and solidity. Adding a warm colour like rust or muted orange evokes the idea of home, stability and being down to earth. If your logo has a specific colour that fits into one of these themes, you can create a colour palette around it using a colour palette tool such as Coolors. When choosing a colour scheme, remember less is more; it’s best to have two complementing colours than adding four or five clashing ones, resulting in a mismatched and unprofessional-looking website.

Appeal to your target audience

Making sure your services appeal to your target audience is key to any successful financial company, and this is something you can easily show when building your website. Create an audience persona, thinking about their age, financial position and life goals and tailor your services towards them. A great way to instantly reach out to your target audience is to have an image of people that fit your buyer persona on the homepage; if people arrive on your site and immediately relate with the image, then they are more likely to explore the website further. 

If you are targeting people who have no previous experience in financial matters and may find approaching a financial company daunting, then why not present your services in the clearest way possible? Creating infographics or flow charts that visually explain what you do and how you do it will help your potential customer feel secure, as they know exactly what to expect. 

Is there a ready to go template for a financial website?

If you don’t want to get bogged down in website design, then you can find a website builder that has ready to go website design templates. This means you can just choose a template and input information about your company, letting the website builder take care of the images and the colour scheme. Go Sitebuilder has templates ready designed for a host of industries, including the financial sector, so you can have a website up and running in a few minutes. If you’re not 100% happy with the template, you can move things around, change colours and add new images until you have a website you love.

How important is website design for financial businesses?

A website isn’t just a pretty face – it’s also a supremely important online marketing tool. A good financial website design will incite your visitors to stay on your site and do more research on the services you provide, hopefully converting into paying customers. The more professional and eye-catching your website is, the more likely this is to happen. 

It is also a great way to prove to your customers that you are a leader in your field. Many financial companies have newsletters or information on general financial queries that potential customers can access for free or by signing up with their email. 

According to a survey by marketing solutions company Blue Corona, 83% of consumers said that website user experience is important when choosing a financial services company. Having your own website both makes you more visible to customers – most of whom carry out initial research online – and makes it more likely for them to stay on your site and request your services. 

If you think your financial services company could benefit from a website but you don’t have the time to curate one from scratch, then try Go Sitebuilder. Our website builder is designed to be as simple and time-efficient as possible, so you don’t have to spend hours designing before you start to see the results. Try our 14-day free trial today, and see what your financial business could look like on the web.