What is the best website builder?

A woman choosing the best website builder

If you are looking to build a website to create a personal online presence or to launch a new business idea, you’ll want to get the best one you can for an easily affordable price. Of course, there are literally hundreds of website builders to choose from so it can be somewhat confusing in terms of knowing which one to use. So, here’s our take on it.

First of all, don’t go cheap and cheerful. There are plenty of free site builders out there, but at the end of the day, you only get what you pay for. Free website templates may look good, but they don’t have enough flexibility built into them, and they don’t have much by way of technical support.

Expect user-friendly support

A lot of people will turn off at the mention of technical support. They fear they will be bombarded with meaningless jargon. That is not what you should expect from a top-line site builder. You have a right to expect user-friendly support that is helpful for complete newbies who know nothing about website construction, or that is useful to those who have a bit of basic knowledge but need a helping hand.

What defines a good website builder?

A good website builder gives you everything that you require in one complete package to build a professional-looking and performing website. Of course, it has to be simple to use. Ideally, it should also do a bit more than just give you the wherewithal to create the perfect website. It should also offer you a domain name, personalised email addresses, an online store (if you need one), and a blog. But there is something else that turns a good site builder into an exceptional one, and that is the quality of the customer service and experience.

Look for customer care that really cares

The majority of website building services only pay lip service to the customer experience. The product is generally good but the customer service merely suffices. What you need to find is a site builder that really cares about each individual client and their unique needs.

Here at Go Sitebuilder, our mission statement is to inspire and guide people to success online, and that is indeed what we do. It’s not just about providing you with a product. It’s about providing a complete package to help you realise your goal. Our customers are at the very heart of everything we do.

If you’re still unsure where to start with your website, drop us some questions at marketing@gositebuilder.com or simply get started with a free trial and use the live chat option to talk to our friendly customer success team.

Creating a website for selling products

Woman shopping online

With more and more people choosing to shop online, having a website where you can sell your products is an invaluable way to increase your customer base. But, with so much competition on the internet, priority should be given to how you create and design your eCommerce website if you want it to succeed.

Always put the user first

When creating a website for selling products, step into the mindset of your users. Think about what you sell and who your target audiences are. Once you know who your users are, you should create your site with them in mind. Every style element you choose, from the fonts, to the choice of colours, images and text should be considered based on who you are trying to target. For example, if you sell beauty or fashion products, you should pay attention to the visual aspects of the design, creating a fun or informal feel, whereas if you’re selling something like financial products, your website should take on a more formal and informative tone.

Responsive design is critical

Gone are the days when consumers only use their desktop computers for purchasing items online. These days, smartphones and tablets have taken over, as more and more people use a variety of devices for internet shopping. In order to create a good user-experience when selling your wares online, responsive web design is key. This is where your website will adapt to suit the particular device that it is being viewed on so that it is easy to browse, scroll and navigate.

Create an easy, secure shopping experience

Make the online shopping process as seamless and straightforward as possible. Use text and images to accompany each product and state the prices clearly. Include your terms and conditions, and use a payment system that is reliable, safe and secure.

Include testimonials

Adding customer reviews and testimonials to your website helps to give your brand credibility, and these can prove a really worthwhile selling strategy. Try to include the reviews next to each relevant product you sell so that they are easy to spot by potential customers.

Make contact details easily accessible

Online shoppers like the reassurance of knowing that if they need to get in touch with a website business, they can easily do so. Make sure your contact details are easy to find on your website and are up to date. Include a variety of options for contacting you, including phone, email and an address. Good customer service is crucial, so always respond promptly to any queries you receive.

Building an eCommerce website is easier than you think. Go Sitebuilder has been created and designed with busy small businesses in mind – discover how you can create an online site today.