8 best beauty salon websites for design inspiration 2020

Woman choosing hair color in dye catalog in one of the best beauty salon websites for design inspiration in 2020

The most successful beauty salons have stunning websites that entice more customers to come through their doors. Given that it takes most website visitors only half a second to make a judgement on your website, making a good first impression is incredibly important. From portraying your beauty services to consolidating a brand image, a well designed website can significantly help your beauty business. 

We’ve picked out some of the best beauty salon websites for web design inspiration so you can design the best website for your salon.

Find your Brand and Stick to it

website with woman and hairdryer
Source: drybar

This homepage for drybar clearly tells the visitor what services the beauticians at this beauty salon offer. There is a simple design, incorporating only three colours: grey, yellow and white, which creates a cohesive website design and makes the site – and brand – more memorable. There is a clear call to action on the homepage, which is easily achievable with a website builder, so the visitor knows what services are offered within moments of clicking on the page.

Keep it Simple

website with woman cleaning face
Source: HEYDAY 

The website for skincare fanatics, Heyday keeps a minimalist web design, something easily achieved through a website builder. A high quality image with a plain background gives the site a professional look, and the call to action is prominent on the page without being brash. This web design shows how a simple idea executed well gives your website a sleek, stylish feel. We wrote a blog on how images enhance your website to help you make your images work for you.

Use Marketing Tools

Empty information form for toni&guy
Source: TONI&GUY

The hair and beauty salon TONI&GUY have created an incredibly effective website for many aspects of web design. One of the useful aspects of many website builders is the ability to create a pop up which can portray a message to visitors as soon as they enter the website. This is what the web designers at TONI&GUY have used, giving an opportunity for visitors to subscribe to their emails as soon as they enter the website. This means that even if your visitors don’t buy anything, you can follow up with an email to showcase your services.

Key Messages 

website homepage dark background white text
Source: NineZeroOneSalon

The beauty salon Nine Zero One has created a web design which incorporates stunning images and quotes trying to encapsulate the ethos of the salon. This quote on their homepage is large and creates high impact, it also is effective in separating this salon from others in the business.

Bright Colours

green background website screenshot
Source: BLEACH

Bleach London have come up with a unique website to draw visitors in. The use of bright colours and bold graphics represents their beauticians mission to create new and interesting hairstyles in their beauty salon. Use this as a starting point for web design inspiration, and think about what colours best represent your beauty salon. 

Create an Aesthetic

website screenshot of Naf salon
Source: NAF!Salon

Featured in Vogue’s best beauty salons in the UK, NAF! Salon’s website is a visual masterpiece. A clear aesthetic of pastel colours and bold writing, easily achievable through a website builder, matches cohesively with the photographs of the salon. There is a bold mission statement above the name which is reflected throughout the web design and website, in gorgeous nail art photographs and high quality videos. 

Link your Instagram

hands with nail art
Source: Pastille

One way to showcase your beauty services is to link your instagram to your website. This allows you to share images easily across both platforms simultaneously. The talented nail beauticians at Pastille have done exactly that by showing their best designs on their website. Obviously this means your instagram should be regularly updated so that your website stays up to date with the latest beauty trends. 

Effective Organisation

dropdown menu for Treatwell website
Source: Treatwell

Treatwell is a service which connects beauty salons with clients. There are thousands of salons and services provided at Treatwell, which means their website must be intuitive and easy to navigate. Their clear web design and use of menus and blogs makes this possible; although there is a large variety their navigation doesn’t look overcrowded as each one opens a drop down menu with more information. This allows visitors to connect with beauticians and beauty salons in their local area without getting overwhelmed with information.

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