What are the best restaurant websites for design inspiration?

Customers inside a restaurant discussing the best restaurant websites designs

Having a strong website design is key for all online businesses – considering that 38% of people will be put off a website if the content is unattractive, it is vital that your site design is aesthetic so you capture the visitor’s interest. This is even more crucial for restaurants: if your website isn’t visually appealing, then the user is more likely to form a negative impression of your restaurant, which means they probably won’t want to visit your establishment. 

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that you have to have the skills of a top website designer to build a website that reels visitors in. We’ve broken down some of the best ways to build your own website for your restaurant, so that you can get some design inspiration. 

Strong colour pattern 

Source: Between The Bread

This restaurant has used bright, bold colours of its foods, and displayed them on a contrasting background. By using colours that pack a punch, the visitor is immediately drawn to whatever you want them to see first – in this case it’s the food! Using a variation of colours means your landing page stands out, meaning your website is more likely to stick in the minds’ of those who visit your site. However, it is important not to overload your website with colour, as this can lead to confusion: this restaurant has focused on reds, yellows and greens, telling the visitor that they can expect vibrant, colourful foods.

Focus on font

Whitmans text with burger

Source: Whitmans New York

Whilst a picture might speak a thousand words, the type of font you use also sends out a certain message. Here the casual, relaxed font suggests that this restaurant has more of a laid back atmosphere – the flavours are bold, but the establishment has a more chilled vibe.


man in kitchen making pasta

Source: Pastaria

Providing key information on your business, which can be clearly seen, is essential when you build your own website. According to KoMarketing, 44% of website visitors will leave a site if there aren’t any contact details. Providing the site users with contact information that they can clearly see, and giving them an option to contact you to make queries or reservations is essential. Considering that most people will make a booking with your restaurant either by phone or online, it is key that you make this process for them as easy as possible.

High quality images

filleted fish

Source: Catch

Using a high quality image, which isn’t blurred or poorly lit, shows just how professional your restaurant is. Considering that high quality images are a crucial factor in helping to sell your product – or restaurant – the best way you can create a good impression on someone is by using images which have been professionally taken. It’s important not to overcrowd your site with images too – just like this restaurant has done, keep things simple to achieve a sleek, attractive finish to your website design.


flatbreads on rustic table

Source: Lemonade

Of course, as a restaurant, if there’s one thing you want to get right, it’s how you present the food that you sell. People will want to come to your restaurant if you prove to them that you can serve them dishes which look great, and taste even better. As they obviously can’t sample the food by looking at your online business, they have to sample it with their eyes instead – capturing your tastiest dishes in a way that shows them off in all their glory will push people to make a reservation with you. 

Less is more

three juice bottles

Source: Foster Juice Co.

As you can probably see so far, these restaurants have stuck to a simplistic style of website design. Whilst some have taken the less is more approach more seriously than others, it is clear that these site designs have avoided overcrowding the landing page with multiple different pictures or crazy colour schemes. Instead, they’ve allowed the colours to bounce off each other to create a visually appealing effect. By holding back on wild, clashing colours and over the top images, you can build a website which delivers a pleasant site user experience. 

Atmosphere of the restaurant 

plates of mexican food

Source: El Burro

What kind of dining experience can your customers expect? When searching for a restaurant, people normally type in words that describe the type of restaurant they want to visit. Your website design must reflect the atmosphere of your restaurant, so that the user has some idea as to what kind of experience you are offering – here the bold, bright colours and rustic looking foods of this restaurant’s website design suggests they are a more casual establishment.


Most importantly, your website should be welcoming! You want to create a positive image of your restaurant which sticks in the minds of site users. With Go Sitebuilder’s ready to go site, creating a captivating website design couldn’t be more simple. Or, if you find yourself completely pushed for time when you’re first building your website, why not browse our free stock photo gallery, so that you can use professional photos, completely free of charge?

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