How can I grow my accounting firm?

Black manager holding pen make notes on textbook using pc to brainstorm how he can grow his accounting firm

If you own an accounting firm and want to boost your growth then the internet can be your virtual gold mine. The rise of technology has enabled large and small businesses alike to expand their clientele online, resulting in a larger customer base – and increased revenue. As an accountant, the internet offers endless opportunities for you to grow your accounting firm – you just need to know where to start. 

Of course, if you’re planning on expanding your online presence, you’ll need a website to advertise your accounting firm. Unless you’re a coding expert, using a website builder is the quickest and easiest way to build your own site. This enables you to concentrate all your energy in working to ensure your accounting firm is a success!

Have a strong website design 

When building your site for your accounting firm, thoroughly considering what you want your website design to look like should be an important part of your strategy. According to a study conducted by Adobe, two-thirds of site users would rather read something beautifully designed, as opposed to something plain. 

Consider your target audience: as an accountancy firm, you won’t be expected to have a website design filled with colour and animation. However, a professional web design doesn’t have to look boring: select a sleek colour theme with a contemporary edge to create an eye-catching design that makes visitors to your site want to explore everything you have to offer. 

When building your site, you must make sure that you have a responsive website – this means it must be accessible from any device, without losing the aesthetic of your website design. Look for a website builder that allows site users to view your site from mobile, tablet or desktop: Go Sitebuilder includes this as part of our package, so that you can make edits and update your site anywhere, at any time. 

Concentrate on your marketing strategy 

Gone are the days when spending thousands of pounds on billboards or TV adverts was the only way to successfully advertise your business. Social media is an invaluable marketing tool, as it lets you get creative, adding a personal touch to your accounting firm. According to AccountingToday, what distinguishes high-growth accounting firms from low-growth firms is that they spend nearly 42% more on digital marketing.

Working on improving your social media platform and SEO strategy is a great way to increase visibility and drive traffic to your website. Social media also helps keep existing customers engaged with your services – considering that 25% to 40% of new business generated by the top accounting firms comes from cross-selling to existing clients, you shouldn’t ignore the clients you’ve already gained. 

Encouraging site users to follow your social media accounts or sign up to your emailing list acts as a reminder of just how your accountancy firm can help them, and also helps to build more of a relationship between company and client. When building your website, make sure you add in links to your social media sites on your main pages to ensure your accounts are easy to find and follow. 

Offer free high value content

According to the 2019 Marketing Budget Benchmark Study, the highest-growing accountancy firms spend 6 times more on educational services – such as webinars or blogs – than lower-performing firms and, as a result, grew 10 times faster. By offering free content for your clients or potential clients, you’re showing them that you care about providing them with a premium service and that, as a financial adviser, you have all the necessary knowledge in the accountancy sector.

When selecting a website builder, make sure their blogging platform is simple and easy to use – not only do blogs allow you to share helpful bits of knowledge which site users can share, but they’re also a vital part of a strong SEO strategy. 

Google likes high value content, which is why writing blogs which answer commonly asked questions and include popular keywords can dramatically improve your ranking on Google’s search engine page results. If Google trawls your accountancy firm website and sees your content is of high quality, you’re more likely to rank highly, drawing in more traffic to your site. 

To fully concentrate your efforts into growing your accounting firm, you’ll need a website builder which offers ready to go website designs and easy-to-use software. Go Sitebuilder includes everything you could need to build your own high quality website with a professional finish at an incredibly affordable price. Our 14-day free trial means you can start growing your accounting firm today, without any restrictions!