Why I should build a website for my accounting firm

Happy African American financial advisor accountant at a meeting with a client couple

Building a website for your accounting firm can be the most effective way to showcase your services to potential clients. An accounting firm may not be the first business that comes to mind when thinking of creating an online presence. However, by setting up a website, customer numbers can increase and it is easier to show your services without setting up lengthy meetings or phone calls. In fact, 85% of people do online research before paying for services, and if your firm isn’t online, then people simply won’t find you!

There are a variety of reasons an accounting firm may want to set up a website, below are the key reasons you should consider a website for your business. 

To Show your Brand Image and Ethos

In order to attract a large customer base, you must create a website that represents your brand image and ethos. As soon as a customer visits your website they should be able to gauge the type of accounting firm you are. The client’s opinion of your business comes from a variety of elements, from the colour scheme to font they all impact how a client views your company.

Whilst it may be tempting to include every element in the website design repertoire, keeping your website professional is the most important factor. Use a website builder to create a simple, polished website that implies professional service and will help persuade customers to look further into your services. 

Increasing your Client Base 

If your accounting firm does not have a website in this increasingly online world, there is a significant client base that you are not reaching. As clients search online for accounting firms, and with many firms having established websites, the need for an online presence has never been greater. 

By creating a website, your company has a higher chance of reaching customers both at home and worldwide. A website is a gateway to allow customers who may not be able to visit your offices in person to see the services you offer. Don’t forget to make it easy to find your contact information, as then they can get in touch directly if they are interested. 

Showcasing your Services

A professional website will present your services in an accessible engaging format. By creating simple, comprehensive descriptions of what you can offer clients, there is a higher chance that they will contact you for more information on your services. 

High-quality content such as blogs, videos and case studies can also significantly increase the client’s engagement with your business. This content should be of a high standard and be related to the key values of your company. Key points to consider when creating new posts are:

  • Keep your content short and informative. By creating concise content you are more likely to engage visitors to your website and encourage them to read the whole blog and not skip ahead.
  • Include links to more information, whether this is a link in a blog to a case study or a contact link to a specialist in your team. Links motivate visitors to look further into your website, thus increasing their knowledge of your business.
  • Use visual elements such as graphs and infographics to showcase positive aspects of your accounting firm. Infographics drive engagement and are easily shareable, helping you increase your reach.

To Show your Credentials 

Potential clients visiting your website will be looking for something that shows them you are trustworthy and successful in your sector. Therefore, including any credentials you have is very important. The difference between including credentials and not can be the difference between a client choosing your company over another. 

Some credentials to include are as follows.

  • Honours or awards given to the company or personnel
  • Any mentions of the firm or members of the company in the press 
  • Links to articles written by members of the company in major publications 
  • Details of accomplishments or education of personnel
  • Information about your firm’s growth over the years 

By showing these credentials clients can connect to the people in your business and gain a level of trust with the business. 

Getting Ahead of the Competition

A successful accounting website will stand out from others in the market. Through use of effective website design and informative content, your business can get ahead of the competition. With such a crowded market ensuring that your website stands out and promotes your values is crucial. An ineffective website – or no website at all – can allow competitors to gain traction with clients that you were hoping to attract to your company.

Accounting firms need effective websites in order to increase their client base and stay relevant in this ever-changing business landscape. Websites can improve awareness of your company and bring in customers you may not have had contact with had it not been for the website. 

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