How do I create an event planning website?

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Any successful event planning business has a professional website to present their services. Whether you are a wedding planner or party planner having a website is vital to gaining more customers and increasing awareness of your event management services.

There are a few options when designing an event planning website. Most businesses will choose a website builder that suits them and has a wide range of features and designs, allowing you to easily create a professional event management site. Find one that suits your budget and has the features you require.

In this blog we have outlined the best ways to create an event planning website and some helpful hints and tips to get you started.

Have a Strong Brand Image and Aesthetic

The best event management sites have a strong brand image and aesthetic to their website. Creating a unique brand image is important in a customer facing business such as event planning, and is vital to ensure your business stands out from the rest. When creating a brand image, ensure to keep this image across all platforms, including social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook.

There are certain features in web design that you can think through when creating a brand image, such as:

  • Colour scheme – is your wedding planning business focused on light pastel shades or a bright bold colour scheme? 
  • Font – do you want a unique artistic font for your party planning or a more simple design?
  • Logo – does your event management business have a logo to represent it? 
  • Photographs and Images – do your images fit with the brand image of your event management services? Are they high quality?

Still confused over how to create a brand image? Check out this blog on the best event planning websites!

Think about Layout and Navigation

How a visitor navigates your event management site is incredibly important in ensuring their user experience is the best it can be. Having an intuitive website means visitors are likely to spend more time exploring your website, which could lead them to contact you for your services. 

Many website builders have different options when it comes to navigation and layout. These often impact the way photographs and menus are configured on a page. Many websites opt for a header on their website to display their menu, allowing visitors to easily access different sections of their website. 

wedding marquee website homepage

Source: Bridal Bliss

This image is from a wedding planner’s website, Bridal Bliss. As you can see there is a clear header at the top of the page which gives different options to other pages on their website. Their brand image and aesthetic is cohesive and clearly presents their wedding planning in a professional way. 

Source: Wink!

Alternatively, you could opt for a layout like this wedding planner Wink! Once you click on the menu icon a drop down menu appears of their services. This can allow for a more minimalist look to your website. For more ideas checkout our navigation blog post

Compile a List of Services

Without a comprehensive list of your services, visitors to your website may not be clear as to what you offer, meaning they might choose another event management site over yours. However you have chosen to layout your website, having a section dedicated to services is incredibly important to show your full range of services. 

Whether this includes the kind of packages you can offer as a wedding planner, the types of venues you manage as a party planner or the different levels of services you can provide as an events coordinator, having clear information on your services can be very helpful for visitors.

Types of event management services you could think about including are:

  • Venue hire 
  • Photographer/ other vendors  
  • Organising catering 
  • Sending invitations/ promotional activities 
  • Ceremonies (e.g. weddings)
  • Coordinations between various groups involved in the event

These are only a few examples, but the more information on your website the better! Another way many websites show this information without making their website cluttered is by linking a document with the different levels of services on. This ensures visitors get all the information they need and your web design is not compromised. 


Having high quality photographs to showcase your event management is vital in gaining more customers and spreading the word on your event planning. Photographs are the easiest way to show the kind of events you can create and how popular they are. 

When choosing photographs think through the following things:

  • Are your photos high quality?
  • Do they show a successful event?
  • Do they represent your brand image?
  • Are the people in the photos enjoying your event?

If the answer to these questions is yes then the photographs will work well on your website. Many website builders will also have different gallery functions, allowing you to show your photographs however you want.

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