What Are the Best Ways to Promote a New Law Firm Online

Young lawyer woman showing information on laptop to businessman. Lawyer explaining Best Ways to Promote a New Law Firm Online together in modern office.

The internet is an invaluable tool when it comes to promoting your services. However, it is important to know exactly how to utilise what the online world offers to ensure you don’t sink under numerous other websites. Promoting your law firm online is a fantastic way to increase visibility for your business: considering that word of mouth isn’t so reliable nowadays, having a strong website which entices potential clients can be key to your success. 

Appealing web design 

Whilst image isn’t everything, it certainly makes an impression on whoever visits your site. Even if you have the most knowledge in the field, or have an impressive list of past achievements, most people are likely to disregard any information and click off the site if it is cluttered and unclear. An aesthetic web design is key in making site visitors want to stay on, enabling them to read more into what your law firm offers. GoodFirms’ research revealed that the biggest mistake most make when designing a website is to overcrowd it, so keep your design fairly minimal, but in a way which is sleek and attractive. 

Having a visually appealing web design also tells the site user that you’re a professional. As your design should emulate what kind of service you’re providing, having a sophisticated website means the site user can see that you’re serious about providing quality results. If your design is all over the place with font sizes, colours and images then a site user is much more likely going to be put off, as they may think your business is a bit amateur. 


You want people to be able to access your site without any hassle. Considering most people have a very low threshold when it comes to being patient on the internet (47% expect a website to load in under 3 seconds), it is key that you make the experience on your site as smooth as possible. A slow website isn’t appealing to anyone: if your site takes too long to load then traffic could simply click off before they’ve even seen what you have to offer. 

Having a website which people can access on any device is also paramount. Considering that 57% of site traffic is from a mobile, it is highly likely that people will be viewing your website from on a handheld device. If your website is difficult to navigate on certain devices then you won’t be able to effectively promote your law firm online. As many will be searching for information about your firm whilst they’re on the go, having a site that can be accessed anywhere is extremely beneficial. Go Sitebuilder has made sure compatibility is a key component of our website builder, and you can see what the website will look like on mobile and tablet just with the click of a button.

Set aside time for blogging

Blogging isn’t that hobby that only 14 year old wanna-be influencers do; it can actually be a valuable addition to your website. Blogging improves SEO – search engine optimisation – results: by including commonly googled keywords within your blogs, Google is much more likely to find that your content is of value. It then ranks you higher on search engine results, meaning that people are more likely to click onto your blog, and then explore what else you have to offer. 

You can also include internal links within your blogs, either to other relevant pages of your website, or another blogpost which provides even more information with regards to the topic in discussion. Internal links are important for SEO as it spreadings ranking power throughout your site, meaning that other parts of your website can also gain a better ranking on search engine results. 

Although it might push you outside your comfort zone slightly, blogging is a fantastic way to promote your services, completely free of charge. If you manage to keep up with writing posts, then every time you publish a blog Google will reindex your page – in other words, every blog post written prompts Google to look back over your content and, as long as your content is useful, it will rank you higher on its search engine.

Don’t ignore social media 

As probably one of the best ways to promote your new law firm, social media lets you advertise your services for free. Linking your social media to your website leads site users to a more personal aspect of your business. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram: all are great ways to connect with your customers. It can also be an easier way for potential clients to approach you, should they have any questions that they want a swift answer to. 

By utilising your social media accounts effectively, you can visually market yourself and your services to others. For example, say you want to post a video explaining what you have to offer, then Instagram is a great platform to use to reach out to others. Or, if you want to generate some conversation, sharing one of your blogs to your Facebook page is an easy way to spark interest amongst others. 

Although building a website might seem like a daunting prospect, Go Sitebuilder is one of the best site builders in the UK for those who don’t have hours to spare on coding a new website from scratch. It is incredibly easy to use, compatible with mobiles and and tables, and has ready to go tools available so that you can have a fully optimised website available in hours. Their 14-day free trial gives you all the flexibility you need to promote your new law firm online.