How can I get my website on Google search?

How to get your website on Google

Submitting your website to the Google search engine is an important part of increasing your traffic. Once it is submitted, your site will appear on the Google search results page, but what you should be striving for is getting it to rank highly in your potential customers’ searches.

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Here is a guide on getting your website to appear in Google searches:

Search Engine Optimisation

Better known as SEO, this is the process of optimising the content of your website to make it rank highly in Google search results without having to pay for it. It is good practice to optimise your website before submitting it to Google, but really it is an ongoing process that needs to be nurtured in the long run to see the best results.

Submitting a website to Google

Make sure you have covered all the basics of preparing your website to be indexed by Google. SEO is important, but it’s also essential to ensure there are no errors or broken links, and that content is ready to be shared on social media. When you’re good to go, you can submit your domain to the Google Search Console URL Crawler.

Every time they crawl the web, Google adds new sites to its index and updates existing ones. Tell them about your new URL through the link above. Please note that not all submitted URLs will be added to the index.

Google will also want your website sitemap. The purpose of this is to enable the Google robots to scan the structure of your site and index it to the search engine accordingly. If you’ve built your website with Go Site Builder, it will already be available to them and you won’t have to do anything extra to submit it.

Google Search Console

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This service replaced the old Google Webmaster Tools to provide site owners with the means to monitor their site’s presence in the Google search results. Joining requires a Google account and a personal domain address. You simply add these as your property on the console and follow the steps to verify your site ownership.

The simplest method is to choose ‘URL prefix’, which should provide you with a code. Copy the code and paste it in into your website, and you should see a confirmation in Google Search Console shortly after.

The bottom line

Getting your website onto Google search should be a simple process. If you follow the steps in this guide, you will be up and running in no time. Go Sitebuilder provides the tools to make it even easier, and you can get started for free today.

How do I attract customers to my website?

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Your beautiful website has been designed and published, and now you want to share it with your customers. We have some tried and tested techniques that will have you driving traffic to your website in no time! Here are some easy-to-follow strategies for attracting customers to your website:

Have a presence on social media

Let’s start with the most obvious one: social media. Creating pages about your business on relevant social media platforms can boost visitor numbers to your site. The beauty of making a name for yourself on social media is that it’s free. So, this is a worthwhile strategy for new or smaller businesses who may have limited advertising budgets. Include links on your social media pages to your website, and entice audiences to visit your site with offers, product information and updates.

Start a blog

Who doesn’t love a good read? Blogging is a great way to keep people coming back to your website. Writing a regular blog on subjects that you are an authority on will entice visitors back to your site again and again. It’s not only people that appreciate a well-written article, but search engines do too! Don’t forget to sneak in a few choice keywords into your content, as these can help send your site soaring on search listings.

When you give readers the option to comment or to share your blogs, this can also help you reach more people. Always make your blog content is relevant to your target audiences, offering them an insight into topics that they would find useful and interesting.

As well as blogging on your own site, consider providing a guest blog posting on another related and respected website, including a link to your web page so viewers can click through to your site.

Get SEO savvy

Using search engine optimisation strategies will allow your website to climb the ranks of search listings. This will help people find your site name easier. If your website makes it to the first page of search listings then it’s likely to be getting more clicks than if it were on any other page – that’s how important SEO is!

Some simple SEO tips that really make a difference include making sure you fill out the meta titles and descriptions on your pages and adding keywords that apply to your services throughout your site. It’s also important to keep your website’s information current, updated and relevant, as these are all attributes favoured by search engines.

If you’re new to SEO, we’ve created this easy guide for complete beginners. It’s honestly not as hard as it sounds!

Try Paid advertising

There are lots of free or budget-friendly strategies you can use to attract customers to your site, but if you want to get your website off the ground you might wish to consider paid advertising. Pay per click (PPC), for instance, is one commonly used option. By carefully selecting keywords relevant to your site, an advert for your website will appear online when people enter these keywords into a search engine. Clicking on the advert will then direct visitors to your site, helping to swell your audience numbers. It’s a quick and easy way to get people to you.

These are just some of the ways you can attract more customers to your website. Even if you try other ways of attracting customers, remember to use an analytics tool to make sure you know what works best for your business. There’s no point in repeating something that isn’t producing the results you want. Your time is precious so invest it wisely.

If you still haven’t created your dream site or you are thinking of starting something new, try Go Sitebuilder free for 14-days and see just how easy it is to build your own website – no pros or technical skills needed!