What is the easiest website builder for beginners?

Choosing the easiest website builder

Deciding to build a website can be a daunting prospect. After all, you may not know where to start. For a beginner, using a website builder is the quickest way to create one as you don’t need to know about coding or website design. Before diving into constructing your own website you’ll want to understand a bit more about them and how they work.

What exactly is a website builder?

A website builder is a simple and effective tool to create a website. There is often no need to have expert knowledge of website design. You simply just need the information that you wish to include on your site – giving you the ultimate control over your online presence.

How does a website builder work?

Like a lot of current website builders, Go Sitebuilder uses a drag and drop system and beautifully designed pre-built sections. This is perfect for beginners as there is no need for any experience in coding, and you can customise your site based on the look you want. There is a huge library of templates and sections to pick from providing you with an unlimited amount of design options to suit your brand. This makes it the best choice for beginners.

Your own domain and email

You want people to be able to find your website just by searching your company name, which is where domain names come in. With Go Sitebuilder, you can have a specific domain name, which will give your site a professional and credible look. A domain name is unique to your website and company, meaning there are no two domains which are the same.

Finally, some things to remember when building your first website:

  • Pick the right website builder – Most website builders will have a free trial so make sure it’s easy to use and fits into your busy schedule.
  • Know what you want – Think about your audience and the way you want them to interact with your site.
  • Make sure you’re supported – Ensure your website builder has an expert support team who are there to offer advice throughout the process.
  • Have fun! – This is your chance to promote yourself, so don’t forget to enjoy the experience!

We’ve created Go Sitebuilder to be the easiest website builder for small businesses. If you’re looking to give your business the web presence it deserves, check out Our14-day free trial and see just how easy it is.

What’s the easiest way to build a website?

Black male sat at a desk building a website online with Go Sitebuilder

Whether you’re starting a new business or simply have a hobby you’re passionate about, a website is an excellent way to share it with the world. But, when it comes to actually build a website, the options can seem a little bit daunting. If you’re looking for the easiest way to build a website, this article is for you.

Here are 4 different ways to get your website up and running – starting with the most difficult:

4. Most difficult: Doing it the old-fashioned way

Let’s begin with the most time-intensive option on our list: doing it all yourself by hand. This option will be almost exclusively reserved for the technically minded among us, but – put simply – anyone can build a website using HTML and CSS code. In fact, just by writing a couple of lines of text in a text document, you can technically build a functioning website. But if you’d prefer an option which doesn’t require learning to code, read on…

3. Slightly less difficult: Install a Content Management System and use a theme

A content management system, or CMS, is essentially a piece of software you can install on your own website which allows you to build a website more easily. WordPress is perhaps the most popular example, offering countless themes which can get you started quite quickly. That said, actually finding a theme which is suitable for your needs can take time, and you’ll find that your website may look similar to many others. A CMS is certainly fast, but they often require updates and the majority rely on third-party plug-ins to provide enough functionality.

2. Getting easier: Work with a dedicated web designer

If you want to go to the other extreme and have a completely hands-off website building experience, you can find a web designer or developer. There are many freelancers out there who will be able to help, but you’ll need to be very detailed about what it is you want. Your brief will need to be quite precise so that the designer can make your vision come to life, which can be quite time-consuming. Also, because you’re hiring a real person to help, this can also be a quite expensive option.

1. The easiest way to do it: Use a do-it-yourself website builder

Now we arrive at what is perhaps the easiest option for those who want a unique website which is also simple to build. Using a website builder, you don’t have to worry about writing a single line of code or browsing through endless themes. You can simply drag and drop the text and images you want on your website and make things look exactly how you want them. With a website builder, your site can be launched in a matter of hours – and it’ll look great, too. You’ll have complete control over your content, time and expenses.

Now that you know just how easy it can be to create your own website, why not give it a go yourself? In fact, with Go Sitebuilder’s free trial, you can discover the ease of building a website without spending a penny.