How do I make a photography website?


Having a website is an important tool for any photographer, whether you’re new to the business or an established brand. But, how do you go about creating a photography website where your images can do all the talking?

Identify your goals

Before you start designing your photography website, think about what you want it to achieve. Are you hoping to sell your images, gain local custom, acquire a new job in the industry or simply raise your profile? The goals of your website will dictate how you design it, what styles you should focus on and what content you should create.

Categorise your images

Your photos will be your selling points, so it goes without saying that these should take centre stage on your website. But think carefully about how you organise and display them. If you snap a wide range of images, create separate pages within your site to differentiate genres, such as landscape photography, portraits, weddings etc., rather than lumping them all together.

Display your style

How you display your photos will have an impact on the kind of impression you create, so pay attention to this aspect. Choose simple, plain backgrounds that won’t clash with your images. Horizontal images are best displayed as thumbnails, while it may be easier to scroll down vertical images. Here at Go Sitebuilder, we offer a wide range of pre-designed sections, slideshows and galleries that can be used to display your images beautifully. Play around with different templates to find a display that suits your style and images the most. It is also very important for you to optimise your site so that it can be easily viewed on different devices – this can be done instantly with Go Sitebuilder.

Choose quality over quantity

While it’s important to include your portfolio of images on your website, don’t go overboard. Opt for quality over quantity and only include the best examples that showcase your work. By only including a small number of images, this ensures they won’t slow your website’s speed down, and it will help to whet the appetite of your potential clients. You might even wish to include some brief explanatory text with each image to help set the scene and tone.

It’s also a good idea to add features to your site that enable viewers to like or share your images, to help increase awareness of your brand. You might also want to include links to your social media pages, such as Instagram so that people can view more of your work.

Make sure your images are copyright protected, however, and can’t be downloaded for free, if you intend to sell them.

Tell your story

Although your photos are the main focus of your website, don’t forget to include information about yourself on your homepage. This should be a brief introduction of who you are, how you work, your photography style and any other relevant information that helps to achieve your goals and sell your brand. Include your photo to personalise your site and your contact details.

Making a website is an exciting experience where you get to showcase your work in unique ways. Here at Go Sitebuilder, we make that process easy. Try our editor out for 14 days – absolutely free! 

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