3 must-haves for your beauty salon website

Beauty Salon Website must-haves

When you operate a beauty salon website, you need to have certain elements, content or sections on your website that helps new customers to find you and convince them to make an appointment. Here are three key elements that you must-have for your beauty salon website:

1. Testimonials

Including testimonials from customers on your website will help you to build trust with your key clientele quickly. Be sure that the length of the testimonials offers value to the reader. The best testimonials to include on your site should include what treatment was offered and how it made the customer feel. The longer the testimonial the better, as it will improve your ranking on social media and help build trust with audiences.

2. Contact forms

You also need to make sure that customers can contact you when they have a specific requirement. Customers like to see that there is a telephone number or a contact form on a website. It helps to build trust. Another option is to have live chat on your website. Live chat can help potential clients to resolve problems quickly and you can sell to customers extra treatments. As much as Live Chat has been known to build trust with customers, you need to ensure you’ve got the resource to manage it effectively.

3. A home-page that performs

The final element, and arguably the most important, is that you have a home-page that performs. It needs to do two things:
1. Help you rank on Google and other search engines.
2. Convert visitors into paying customers.

Therefore, your homepage needs to have a lot of quality copy on the page with the right keywords (including the location of your salon) to rank. Your customers want to feel wonderful, beautiful and youthful again. So language along these lines should be dotted around your home-page. Call to action buttons (or CTAs) also need to be dominant to help drive customers to your contact forms. Take a look at our easy to follow guide on building landing pages that convert if you want to find out more.

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