What are the best digital marketing launch strategies?

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Launching your website creates a new, exciting opportunity for your business. It’s your chance to share your unique story with the world and start growing your business online. Launch day is an opportunity to get people talking about your site so make sure you capitalise on this with a great launch strategy.

But what makes a great marketing launch strategy? The first thing to do is to choose a suitable domain name. Using a professional domain name is a must for any successful launch strategy since an individualised domain name is more likely to be memorable to the new website user. That’s why Go Sitebuilder includes a free domain name with every subscription: helping to get your new website off the ground! Once you’ve got that covered you’re ready to head onto the next steps…

Start early:

Planning for the big day should start well ahead of your launch date, even before you have finalised the website design on your website builder. Your top priority is to start collecting emails, so start getting the word out on social media, or other channels, and get people to opt-in to your updates. Keep in touch with these people via email, introducing them to key features on the coming website. This will keep the launch day exciting for customers, and keep your business in everyone’s minds.

Create anticipation:

Whether you have an existing customer base or you are using your website to create a completely new brand, it is really important that you emphasise the anticipation in the lead up to launch day. One way to do this is to offer a private, early look at your new website. This is a valuable VIP-type teaser, but it is also a great way to create loyalty to your brand – right from the word Go!

Capitalise on new users:

Launch day is often the biggest day of traffic in the first year of trading. So, it’s really important to prolong the impact of all those extra users. One way to make sure users continue to spread the word about your new website, even after launch day, is to introduce a referral scheme. A referral scheme will offer a reward to customers if they send a friend the link to your launch page and that friend types in their email. This is a really effective way to make sure news about your newly launched website travels.

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