What are the 5 best electrician website designs

An electrician standing on an extended cherry picker raising his arm towards a telegraph pole in the distance

Electrician websites are all over the internet, but there are some that truly stand out from the crowd. It can pay to examine what these businesses are doing that is working so well, so that you can emulate some principles and make them your own.

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Here are some of the best in the world of electrician website designs for you to take a look at:

1. Teague Electric

Despite being a large company, Teague Electric prides itself on offering a personal service to its clients. Their website stands out with its playful background image and easy access to their latest blog posts. They have also carefully cropped their header photos to match their logo, adding real power to the branding. Note the Facebook badge and Twitter Feed at the bottom, calling attention to their social media.

2. Moran Electrical Contracting

This website stands out due to the quality of the photography throughout. This looks professional and makes the website attractive. They also list their specific service pages very well, making it very clear how they can help their customers. The inclusion of testimonials is also a great credibility piece.

3. Withrow Electric

This is a small, family-owned business that offers superb customer service and will take on any job, regardless of size. The bright colour pallet of their website immediately stands out to grab the visitor’s attention. The employee photos make the team feel friendly and approachable, and the company branding is really spot-on. Additionally, the cropped circular images give a distinctly modern feel.

4. Hardt Electric Inc.

This electrician website design feels very contemporary. It utilises modern fonts to make the text work as a part of the visual design. It is full of quality pictures, neatly organised and without making the site slow or clunky. The completed project gallery is a good tool to help customers see what they can do.

5. Weifield Group

This website displays company milestones that really call attention to the high standards they achieve. The crew of the month is a nice way of further emphasising the company’s focus on doing the best they can. The introductory videos are another great draw for traffic, and the ability to roll-over zoom on the photos makes it feel up to date.

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Make your brand stand out by using some of these fantastic additions that the websites listed here have executed, and share your own website with the world.

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