How Can I Make My Website Famous?

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As a business owner, you’ll want to ensure people are finding and viewing your website. A website is a powerful, essential marketing tool you can use to raise your profile and increase your sales, but if no one is actually visiting it, it’s never going to achieve the results you want. Luckily, there’s plenty you can do to change that, and while making your website famous might be a bit of a stretch, you can certainly drive more traffic with just a few simple steps. Here are three of the easiest, tried and tested methods for you to try.

1. Don’t underestimate offline marketing

While a good website will attract a new and potentially profitable audience, it should also be a place for your existing customers to visit as well. You can provide them with an opportunity to learn more about your company and even make their purchases online. But remember, they can only do this if they’re aware of your site’s existence. 

Try making an effort to increase your visibility in the places your target market lives and visits. This means that from business cards to billboards, newsletters and even simply answering your phone, it’s a good idea to include information about your website and social media platforms in these new places for your audience to see it.

2. Mention your website online (and do it on a regular basis)

Don’t be afraid to share a shameless plug here and there – it’s your website and you should be proud of it! The internet essentially functions as a giant map, pointing users in the direction of relevant information, which means it’s key to have your site featured on it. The best way to do this is by mentioning it as often as you can, whether it’s by sending your products to bloggers and having them add a link to your website or by publishing press releases. You can also join online communities, like relevant Facebook pages, and share your website when people ask for similar services or products that you provide – just remember not to spam anyone!

3. Educate yourself on SEO

Last but not least, spend some time familiarising yourself with SEO and how it works. It doesn’t have to be complicated. We’ve created a quick guide for beginners over on our blog if you don’t believe how easy it can be. Standing for ‘search engine optimisation’, SEO is the method used by companies to ensure that their website ranks as highly as possible when people run searches on search engines like Google. The idea is that consumers are most likely to click on results at the very top of the first page, so by focusing on including certain keywords in your content, you can improve your position and make yourself much more visible.

When it comes to boosting the popularity of your website, there are lots of methods you can try. If your website isn’t online yet, why not try a 14-day free trial with Go Sitebuilder and see just how easy it is to create your dream website without any technical skills!

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