Which sports teams have the best marketing strategies online?

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There is no textbook definition as to what a strong marketing strategy is. However, by examining successful marketing strategies carried out by sports teams, you can build an idea as to what the techniques are best to adopt for that specific sector. If you want to grow the visibility of your sports team online and build a strong brand, you’ll need to have a strong presence online. 

Building your own website is the first step in your marketing strategy: we suggest using a website builder, as building a site from scratch can be time-consuming and expensive. Once you’ve built your site, you can start working on your marketing strategy to ensure your sports team has a powerful online image. 

Motivational message 

Conveying a motivational message which reaches out to a wide audience is a great way to market your sports team. In 2015, the English Sports Council started up the trend #ThisGirlCan, inspiring women across the country to take up sports. This marketing campaign was a success, as it reached out to ordinary women who might have hesitated to take part in sporting activities due to their appearance or fitness: the original video was viewed more than 8 million times, and the hashtag is still going strong to this day. 

Incorporate a motivational message in your marketing strategy to encourage audiences to identify your sports brand with positivity and personal growth. If you want to target a certain group of people, focusing your marketing strategy around them will show your sports team is committed to helping and inspiring this particular audience. 

Make your sports team personal 

It is easy to feel distant from even your most idolised sports star: their wealth and extravagant lifestyle often makes sports teams seem like they’re far away from your reality. However, sport plays a big role in many people’s lives, so building a relationship between your sports team and its supporters is key. 

As part of your marketing strategy, utilise social media to build a stronger relationship between your sports team and its supporters. Real Madrid launched their own SnapChat account in 2015, providing live updates to supporters all around the world. In just three months they managed to gain almost half a million subscribers – by providing their fans with match footage and information about its players, they built a successful digital relationship between their fans and their sports team. 

Stay connected with supporters

Keeping supporters in the loop with your sports team with all the latest updates around game results, membership deals, and team information is important to establish a healthy relationship between your sports team and their fans. One of the easiest ways to do this is by creating an email list – sending out weekly updates is a good way to keep your supporters up to date with the latest news surrounding your sports team, so that if they miss a match, they don’t feel as if they’ve missed out on your sports team’s latest developments. 

For a more personal way to stay connected with supporters, use live chat options on social media platforms, such as Facebook or Twitter. This lets you directly answer questions about your sports team, and shows that you really value the supporters of your sports team. It also gives you a chance to boost your publicity: retweeting and sharing messages of support from fans evidences the successes of your sports team. With a larger base of supporters, your sports team is more likely to get more sponsors, helping to grow your sports team even further. 

Be accessible

When choosing a site builder to build your website, you’ll need to check they offer a responsive web design. In 2012, a Nielsen Report showed that 60% of mobile and tablet owners received sports related content on their devices at least once a day. Make sure your website is accessible on both desktop and mobile devices so that supporters can gather the latest information surrounding your team wherever they are in the world. 

Having a website that can only be accessed from only one type of screen may mean people become less engaged with your latest news and slowly drift away from supporting your team. To keep fans interested, build a site which is easy to use and looks great from any device. 

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