What are the best designed football websites in 2020?

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Looking for inspiration for your football website? Have an amazing club that needs a website update? Or simply wanting to share your football commentary? Look no further than this blog post! Here are some of the best football websites in 2020. With professional designs and interesting information these websites are some of the best examples out there. 

Best Websites for Clubs:

Below are some of the best examples of football club websites. Although these examples are of professional clubs with large budgets, you will still be able to achieve a professional website with many of the same features with a website builder. Look at some of the best features of these websites and consider including them in your own. 

Manchester United

Screenshot of https://www.manutd.com/ homepage
Screenshot of https://www.manutd.com/ homepage

The most visited football club’s website in the world with a staggering 8.6 million visitors per year a list of the best football websites could not be compiled without mentioning Manchester United. With video clips, photographs and bold eye-catching design it is no wonder so many visitors are attracted to it. Even without the name of Manchester United your club can benefit from learning from their website, especially the use of contrasting colours and fonts.

FC Barcelona

Screenshot from https://www.fcbarcelona.com/en/ homepage
Screenshot from https://www.fcbarcelona.com/en/ homepage 

FC Barcelona has created an effective, informative website regarding their players and games. The scores for their most recent games are visible on the homepage of their website, with a feature that allows visitors to scroll through their three most recent games. 

Another great feature of this website is their meet the players section which gives statistics on different players. This allows fans to connect to individual players. If you are designing your own website for a club consider having a section to introduce different players to add a personal touch to your website. 

Best Opinion/Information Websites:

Do you aspire to be on Match of the Day? Or do you simply enjoy sharing your football knowledge with the world? The way you present your ideas and opinions on your website will make a difference in how many people keep up to date with new content. A well designed website can mean more interaction from fans which will help you keep your ideas fresh and relevant. 

101 Great Goals

Screenshot of https://www.theanfieldwrap.com/ homepage
Screenshot from https://www.101greatgoals.com/ homepage

This website updates regularly with football news and opinion pieces. The layout is simple with each story linked to a photograph, making a visually appealing website design. Another interesting feature of this website is the live streaming feature. Although this may not be feasible with your website, having video and photographic content can help more people engage with your ideas and news. 

The Anfield Wrap

Screenshot of https://www.theanfieldwrap.com/ homepage
Screenshot of https://www.theanfieldwrap.com/ homepage

The Anfield Wrap is run by avid Liverpool FC fans and keeps other Liverpool aficionados up to date on all news related to the club. Immediately upon entering the homepage you are struck by a bold red header which clearly shows the title of the page and has images relating to the content of their blog. 

Another key aspect the Anfield Wrap utilises well is the use of a bold header linking to many other different parts of their website. This header stays in place as you scroll, allowing the visitor to click to any section whenever they like. 

Caught Off Side

Screenshot of https://www.caughtoffside.com/ homepage
Screenshot of https://www.caughtoffside.com/ homepage

Caught off side is an iconic football blog informing visitors of news and gossip from the football world. The eye-catching design of cartoon versions of clubs kits is colourful and effective, and links to more information about each club. 

They keep their website updated regularly with the position of clubs in the league tables. Football news is also relevant and organised by the league so visitors can easily find the type of news they want. Remember; your target audience is a key consideration when building your website and will help you decide what content to update your site with.

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