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Mother working on laptop at home, while her child using tablet. Boy and mother sat on the sofa. The Mother is managing her business on her laptop during the Covid-19 crisis
Digital Marketing

How to manage your small business during the Covid-19 crisis

Change can be scary and when it happens fast it’s even more worrying. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our movement, our work, and how we go about our daily lives. In this article, we’ve outlined 4 areas to help you as a small business owner navigate this crisis: wellbeing, work, communications, and taking stock.

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How to make your first online sale

How to make your first online sale

If you’ve already set up your online store, congratulations! You’re ready to start selling. We’ve come up with a few ways for you to get your store out there and make your all-important first sale.

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Male photographer on a laptop making a website
How to guides

How do I get my new website noticed?

If you’re just about to build a new website, or you’re choosing a website builder to do so, you need to know how to get your new site noticed. Read on to find out some tips on launching a new website!

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Caucasian male with a long beard is sat at a desk in front of a laptop editing photos with camera equipment surrounding the laptop
Website essentials

Do I need terms and conditions on my website?

If you’ve got a website builder and you’re enjoying setting up your web design, don’t forget there are some pages a website needs to have for legal reasons! Read on to find out if you need terms and conditions on your website.

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Young blonde woman smiling and looking at her reflection in a mirror while sitting in a salon chair discussing the costs of a new salon website
Beauty & Salon

What are the costs of a new salon website?

If you’re building a website for a salon, the easiest and quickest way to build your own site is to use a website builder but, if you want to build a website from scratch, we’ve broken down the costs of building a new salon website

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