‘How to’ with Go Sitebuilder



How to add and move content

Click the Add Content button on our website builder. Our site builder lets you choose where you want the new content to go. Choose a content block on our ready to go sitebuilder. Click on the content block settings icon to change the layout, so that you can build your own website. To move a block, click the up or down arrow. No worries if you’ve made a mistake – click the delete icon on our sitebuilder to delete a block. With our website builder, customising text couldn’t be simpler: click a text block to edit or format text content. Additional content can be added to content blocks. Remember to publish your site when you’ve finished to show off any changes you’ve made using our site builder.

How to change colours and fonts

To get started on choosing the right web design, click the design button on our site builder. Click the colours button to choose a colour set created by our website builders. To build a site with a more personal touch, set a specific colour and click the custom tab. Click on a colour to open the colour picker. Click done to save the new colour, ensuring you don’t lose any work you’ve done on your web design. To adapt your font, click the fonts button on our site builder. Click the custom tab. Choose the font you want to change. Click done to save your font choice on our website builder.

How to change your website design

To create the perfect web design, start by clicking the design button. Click a theme created by our website builders. Scroll right to see more themes. When you’ve chosen one of our ready to go site designs, click done. Publish your site to make the new web design visible. 

How to add a stock image to your website

Choose the image you want to change. Search for a stock image. On our website builder, there are over two million stock images to choose from. Click the “Choose Image” button to add the picture to your web design.

How to change an image

.Click on the image you want to change on our site builder. Click add new image. Select an image and click upload to complete your web design. Click save so our website builder knows you’ve finished.

How to add a new page

Once you’ve opened our website builder, click on the page title. Click the add page button on our site builder. Give your page a title. Click the add content button to build your site. Choose a content block for your page using our ready to go site designs. After you’ve built your own site, make sure you publish it when you are finished. 


How to set up an online store

Click the store icon to start building your ecommerce site. Click store setup. Enter an email address for purchase notifications on your ecommerce website. Select the country your store is based in. Click the save button. Our site builder makes setting up payment incredibly easy: click on Payment and then choose a payment method. Set up your shipping rates. With our website builder, you can add additional shipping rates if required. Add your first product onto our site builder. Add a product picture for a stronger web design. Enter a price for the product. Click the save button. Publish your store if you are ready to start selling on your ecommerce site. To preview your store, go to your website. Click the preview button on our site builder. Click the store link to see your ecommerce page. 

How to optimise your website

Click on the menu icon on our site builder. Click on settings. Choose SEO. Set the title field and select a language. Enter a meta description and keywords into our website builder. When you publish your site, a search engine will use the information you entered to list you on its page results.

How to add & edit contact forms

Using our site builder, click the add content button. Click on the contacts section of our website builder. Choose a form that suits your web design. Click on the form. Set the email address that completed forms will be sent to. Our website builder lets you set an email subject line, although this is optional. Change the label on the form button if necessary to match your web design. Save your changes to ensure none of the work you’ve carried out in building your site is lost. Publish your ready to go site. Click on the link to open the published site. To check the form is working on your website, send a test message. Check your email to see the test message.

How to set up a blog

Open the menu on our website builder and click blog. Click setup to access our ready to go sites. Set blog visibility to online. When building your website’s blog section, add a summary that describes the purpose of your blog. Enable Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for faster loading of your website on some devices. Click save. Click posts on our website builder. Click on the blog post. Add content to your post to build your site. Click the preview icon to see how your post will look against your web design. Open the website editor to see the blog pages. To make your blog posts visible on other pages you’ve built using our site builder, click add content.

How to create a multi-language website

To build a website with content in multiple languages, start by building your site in your default language. When you have added all the pages and content you require using our ready to go sites, you can use the multiple language feature to replicate some or all of the pages. Here are the steps to make a site with multiple languages. Click the page title on our site builder. Click the language button. Set the default language. Please check this carefully as our website builders can’t change this later. Click next. Select a language for your website. You can add more languages later. Click next. Select pages you want to replicate, then click next. Name the pages in the selected language to complete your web design. Click done. Click on the language menu of our website builder. Add content for the new language. Click the language tabs to see the new content on your ready to go website. Exit preview mode. Click on the language menu of our site builder to open the settings. With our site builder editor, the language menu can be displayed vertically or horizontally, so that you can build your own website with the right web design.

How to use store categories & tags

With our website builder you can use categories to group related products. Add tags to make products easier to find when customers search your ecommerce site. To add a category when building your own site, select a product and click on the category menu. Each product can only be in one category. To add tags, type a word or two and hit return. With our site builder, you can add any number of tags. Our ready to go site lets you add a new page if you want to show some products separately. Click the widget icon on your website, and then scroll down to find the Featured products widget. Drag the widget onto the page. Click on the widget and select a tag. All products with that tag will appear on the page you’ve built with our site builder.

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