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Set up and share your eCommerce site with the world. Looking to set up an online store that looks professional but is easy to create you’re in the right place!


Set up an online store in no time

Go Sitebuilder’s eCommerce website builder will walk you through every step of the way – from designing the perfect look of your online store, adding products and secure payment options, to publishing and promoting your store. Introduce your products to a wider audience and boost your business without breaking a sweat.

So if you’re a maker, a side-hustler, or a physical shop owner, here’s what to expect when building a store with Go Sitebuilder

Set up your online store with Go Sitebuilder

Follow these six simple steps to create your online store…


Start a free trial or log into your account: No commitment, no credit card required. Enter a few simple details and you’re ready to create your online store from your mobile phone, tablet or computer


Answer our onboarding questions: We’ll ask you a few questions on the type and preferred style of your website. Select from a variety of pre-populated professional looking designs including images and text


Choose a design you love: Select your preferred customisable template that best represents your business. With Go Sitebuilder, you don’t need design expertise to create an attractive website


Begin customising your storefront: Add website sections in a click. Drag and drop content within different sections to easily build the perfect store for your business


Add products: Use Go Sitebuilder’s store setup to quickly add products and shipping rules. Set up secure online payments via PayPal, Worldpay, Stripe and 2Checkout


Share your store: Secure your domain name, switch on SSL and you’re ready to start selling! Optimise your store for SEO and share directly to your social channels

Know your audience

Make your eCommerce website appealing to your ideal customers. We’ll make sure your store looks beautiful; add products they’ll love for the best chance of success.

Who is your target audience?

You know your customers better than anyone, add products you know they will be interested in

How much would they be willing to pay?

Do your research and sell products at the right price point

Where do they look for products?

Optimise your store for search and share it where your customers hang out on social media

Design made easy ​

You don’t need a design qualification to build a store with Go Sitebuilder.

Our pre-designed templates, sections and beautiful designs will set you up for success. The drag-and-drop feature means that you can move things around easily. Your site will be as unique as your business and your store will shine with your brand personality.

Get inspiration and ideas for your online store

Our easy-to-use website builder will make your store look beautiful from home page to product page on every device

Helping small businesses succeed online

Join over 9 million people around the world growing their business with Go Sitebuilder

“Super easy to set up! Didn’t take long to add some content and see my website come to life. So far I’m really pleased and excited to see my business online!”


“Great website builder. I’ve actually enjoyed creating my website on my mobile as well as computer. It was easy to work out what to do and I’m really happy with how it looks!”


“Impressed by simplicity and functionality. Love the way it is set up easy to build a site for beginners. I would definitely recommend to other people.”


Create good content

Building your store is only part of setting up your eCommerce site. To really get your customers excited about your products, you’ll need to add eye-catching content.

A clear photograph shows people what they are buying and makes them more likely to purchase. Our blog has helpful tips on capturing photos which will instil the trust you deserve

How to take great product photos →

Great product descriptions make selling easy. They explain to customers the benefit of your product and what they can expect. Not confident with writing? Read our top tips

Effective product descriptions →

With Go Sitebuilder you can add all kinds of content, from blogs to videos. And don’t forget to add product descriptions so that people can find what you’re selling! Know what pages you to add

6 essential pages to publish

Secure your domain name

Make your store unique. A domain name is your site’s address online. It’s really easy to set up! If you’ve never had one before, Go Sitebuilder provides a free domain name with every subscription – at no extra charge. All you have to do is choose an available domain. Already have a domain? That’s fine, in a few simple clicks it’ll be ready to work with your Go Sitebuilder website.

The importance of mobility for store owners

You’re busy. You have places to be and people to see, you need a store that keeps up with you! With Go Sitebuilder you can manage your store from anywhere on your mobile or tablet.

And that’s not all. With more and more searches and shopping being done on mobile, you need to be sure that your store will look great on any device. That’s exactly what Go Sitebuilder provides. 

Store management made easy

Building your store is one thing. With Go Sitebuilder, management is a breeze thanks to these features:

Stock management

Always know exactly what your stock levels are with inbuilt management and stock alerts to maximise your sales

Payment gateways

Integrate easily with PayPal, Stripe, Worldpay and 2Checkout to take fast and secure payments, accept all major credit cards and even via bank transfer
Screenshot of Go SItebuilder's online store ecommerce website builder

Mobile editing

Keep an eye on orders from wherever you are with phone, tablet and computer compatibility


Have a question about managing your store? No problem! Our team are here to answer your queries, no matter how small

Promote your products

When your store is bursting with goodness, you want the world to know about it! Our clever promo features make showing off your store easy…

  • Discount codes: Give special customers a discount, hold flash sales and offer seasonal savings with customisable discount codes
  • Promotional sections: Use sections to highlight key products – in your store and on the rest of your site too
  • Social media: Link your social channels to your store and use the social buttons to share with a click
  • Blog: Create a blog and showcase products. The more information you can provide to your followers and customers, the more confident they will feel to buy

Get your store found online ​

The best bit about putting your products online, is that a whole new audience can find them! Go Sitebuilder makes it easy to be found online…

You can even optimise individual product pages so that Google will rank them higher. Our SEO guide will help you get started 

Beginner’s guide to SEO  →

Don’t forget to optimise all the great product photos that you took, they’re key to helping people find your products. Optimising product images doesn’t end with the upload.

Why I need to add alt image tags

With Go Sitebuilder you can add all kinds of content, from blogs to videos. And don’t forget to add product descriptions so that people can find what you’re selling!

6 essential pages to publish

Start selling today

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